Explorer Studios

About us

About us

We’re cut from a different cloth (and we think you’ll like the fibre of our fabric).

Explorer Studios is the creative engine under We Are Explorers’ hood.

We’re a new media company inspiring Australians to live more adventurously and protect our natural world. 

Proudly BCorp certified and in 2020 we won Mumbrela’s Consumer Publication of the Year.

Chapter 1 // The Beginning

The idea was born after our founder Henry Brydon quit his job in 2010 and cycled from London to Sydney to raise $100,000 for charity.

Surviving on $5 a day for two years he minimalised his entire worldly possessions to a four small bags, sleeping in a tent or with kind locals who took the filthy traveller in for the night. 

“Every day was an entirely new experience; predictability vanished and an unparalleled excitement for life consumed me. My bum hurt and my legs ached. I was the happiest man on earth.”

Chapter 2 // We Are Explorers

On arrival in Sydney Henry started a blog and community called We Are Explorers to celebrate Australian travel through epic storytelling and visuals. Adventure is for everyone, and no matter how big or small it holds enormous power for change amongst individuals, humankind and our planet.

The blog grew quickly. We collaborated with some of the best content creators in the country to build a community platform that helped people spend more time outdoors.

We started partnering with the world’s most adventurous brands to help spread their message to our highly engaged audience in a variety of extraordinary ways.

Chapter 3 // Explorer Studios

Clients soon started asking us to create directly for them: social media campaigns, brand films, TVCs, documentaries, image libraries, influencer trips, activations. Our ‘agency’ – Explorer Studios – was born.

Whatever the output partners tap into our unique style, authenticity and depth of knowledge in the Australian travel space.

We pride ourselves on being industry experts at what we do, and my gosh do we have a good time in the process.

“My life took on a new course from the moment I started pedalling, and I haven’t looked back since.”

Henry Brydon, Founder