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What Type Of Road Tripper Are You?

Client // Destination NSW

What Type Of Road Tripper Are You?

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Destination NSW set us a challenge – how can we encourage NSW residents to explore their own state in a way they’ve never done before?

Engaging our design agency Canvas Group we crafted an interactive quiz on We Are Explorers that allowed readers to discover their road trip personality – Nature Frother, Taste Chaser, Culture Kid or Day Seizer.

Readers were then channeled into a trip planning tool built in collaboration with Alpaca that immersed them into the wonders of NSW adventure travel.


165,000+ engagements during the campaign period.

We reached just under 1 million of the target audience with a 17% engagement rate

38,000+ page views with an average read time of 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

42,600 map interactions by our visiting trip planners

In total 2.5 million impressions were created across our website, social channels and newsletter

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