The Beauty of Everyday Things

The Beauty of Everyday Things

Hey! I’ve been thinking about my place within We Are Explorers as the publication’s commercial lead and I thought I’d share with you some findings. 

I recently read Soetsu Yanagi’s book ‘The Beauty Of Everyday Things” in which Yanagi highlights the craftsmanship of everyday people making ordinary, useful things. Plates, teapots, and forks; objects we see as dispensable, he sees as beautiful.

It all comes down to craftsmanship.

Yanagi champions objects of resilience as beautiful, rather than lavish creations that serve little to no purpose, unattainable to the common person. He says, “What is the power of seeing? In brief, it is to see things as they are.” 

I’ve always held the firm belief of keeping life simple and if you put the right juice into everything you do, and feel good doing it, your immediate world starts to reflect your efforts. And if those efforts and projects released into the world stand the test of time as something that inspires positive change, that’s beautiful. No matter how miniscule.

For me, I look to create immediate change by stopping to understand someone else’s story. 

I once worked in Youth Services as a creative facilitator for disadvantaged youth. These youth had an array of social and economic problems that prevented them from interacting with the world in the way that other privileged youth could. Speech wasn’t up to scratch, basic understandings weren’t broached and their health was in turmoil.

I was there to provide them with a lens in which to interact with the world, by listening and telling other people’s stories. The raw truths these youth uncovered in their local community were amazing. With their small efforts they created recycling programs, small music festivals and advocacy documentaries. They were youth just looking to change their surroundings in any way they could.

Since joining the team here at We Are Explorers I’ve felt many parts of my life align. Finally, I’m in a position where I can facilitate positive change on a large scale. Being the lead Partnerships Manager I talk directly to brands and destinations that are looking to plug into the world that Henry and the team have created; an inclusive nature froth that extends into all facets of people’s lives.

The best way I can describe what we do here is aim to inspire everyday people to retreat to nature in order to fall in love with it and protect it. Phwoarr! What an angle. Simple connection that results in life changing experiences.

We’re a team of six feral outdoor types that wear our heart on our sleeves at all times, no exceptions. A small publication created to link people to the outdoors with some huge things starting to materialise! We recently won Mumbrella’s Consumer Publication Of The Yearreceived our B Corp Certification and have successfully funded our Rewild The Snowies Campaign

It’s safe to say that our intentions haven’t changed and they won’t anytime soon. We don’t see what we do as complicated, it’s necessary. If you’re keen to chat, have a story or just have a cool picture you want to send, hit me back! I’d love to hear from you.


“Society cannot be proud when a product is available only to a select few…Equating the expensive with the beautiful cannot be a point of pride.”

Soetsu Yanagi, The Beauty of Everyday Things,

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